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    Rune-Ibiza. Close to opening.

    Mr Troy

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    Rune-Ibiza. Close to opening.

    Post  Mr Troy on Tue May 26, 2009 2:27 pm

    hey poeple, its mr troy co-owner of 4life-scape.

    As you heard the last few weeks 4life has been down and i have been woring on a project for you guys.

    wich is Rune-Ibiza.

    Rune-ibiza is close to open,we also have a new staff member(also Pro Java Coder) named as "jimmy".

    But before rune-ibiza opens we are gonna open a beta for 5-10 poeple's , who will get a Orange beta test crown next to their name ingame.

    Q: how do i become a "beta tester"?
    A: Be active on www.rune-ibiza.tk,we will open an applyment in a specefic section where you can apply,the poeple who we think wich are the best will be picked.

    Q: what kind of server will rune-ibiza be?
    A: Rune-ibiza will be a pking server where you have to train,Training goes 50 xp per hit, we also putted level differences in there.

    Q: which skills work.
    A: all skills work and we almost have full working summoning on a 317 server. so join now.


    Many Thanks,4life-scape and Rune-Ibiza.

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