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    What really happened?

    Mr Troy

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    What really happened?

    Post  Mr Troy on Wed May 27, 2009 11:06 am

    stop whine! I didn't shut down the server for the top,
    it began by VPS owners to go and get a degree.
    so he decided to turn off and go forward in life.
    had development calls received (school) did not receive high ratings because of the server and this. I worked on the servers and you all in 1.5 years and what I received as a reward? nothing! only **** that you blame me always, nothing good i did? or??
    so I've got bad marks because of this.
    so it is equipped to continue. of course everyone says (Nerd, stupid ) and blame away from themselves all the time on me. soon as I go in 9th and it is not easy!
    more work and more responsibility is required. so I decided to stop, sorry but the world is not easy. so stop sending **** behind someone, and send the message every time.
    thinking long term, not low.

    server has been closed for a while, and now Troy and his company take over. hope you have fun in the rune-biza have not yet tried it myself. hope you have fun and I will always miss you that you can rely on! we have had the fun me and you. "but time is short. some say I have taken money thieves conviction or
    something in this direction then why should not I turn off the Forum then? but obviously do not believe me people .. but what can I say? believe what you want.

    miss you all <33 have fun while I am away.
    Didn't get a "Thanks Hicham" form anyone, for server was up in almost 2 year.
    Thanks Hicham! Sad


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