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    D0nt h1t ffs = Quiting!


    d0nt h1t ffs

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    Registration date : 2009-04-03
    Location : Netherland

    D0nt h1t ffs = Quiting!

    Post  d0nt h1t ffs on Wed Apr 22, 2009 9:24 am

    Ima Quit server.
    I be still on forums.
    Reason is : My mother is dead. and she sayd all time stop with playing That Game.
    It was the best server that ive played.

    a pic off me

    Thanks to
    Tear : Very thanks Give all time answer and helping me. Thanks.
    Pj master : Sold me all time his good stuff. Thanks.
    Drum bass : Good people and a funny. thanks.
    P r 4 y 3 r : Good people And a fun poeple. thanks.
    3 hit u : I be rich by him. thanks.
    Phat pker : Don't like him. nty
    Sara : Really thanks is a funny girl. thanks.
    P k 3 d m 3 : Really thank p k 3 d m 3, we had fun. thanks.
    Mike hawk : Realy realy realy funny people, my best friend in server. Thanks.

    Staff :
    Hicham pk3r : A very bussy bussy people never answering to me. But thanks.
    Bassam pker : Good owner nothing to say. Thanks.
    Mod Emily M : Good admin nothing to say. Thanks.

    And all Peoples i forgot sorry!
    Don't forgot ill be still on forums
    My msn IF you want : Gs_hakan_38@hotmail.com
    Thanks all.
    i just did

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    Age : 27

    Re: D0nt h1t ffs = Quiting!

    Post  i just did on Wed Apr 22, 2009 1:30 pm

    Sorry to hear about you're mother Sad.

    To bad you quitting..

    Grand master poster
    Grand master poster

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    Registration date : 2009-03-16
    Age : 25
    Location : Sydney, Australia

    Re: D0nt h1t ffs = Quiting!

    Post  Tears on Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:28 pm

    I see what your going through ;].
    2 bad your quitting =[............... Sad Sad Sad

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    Re: D0nt h1t ffs = Quiting!

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