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    Hacker on the forums.

    Mr Troy

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    Hacker on the forums.

    Post  Mr Troy on Tue May 05, 2009 8:30 am

    Since the Dot tk host has been offline for a serveral days/weeks , a guy named hondorax has tryd to hac the forums,he succeded to hack us.

    What damage has he done to the forums?
    He,deleted the chatbox and hacked an administration account,wich was ZeroSkilled.
    He also changed the name of zeroskille's account to skills for life.

    If someone is trying to add you with this e-mail : dmullenex@yahoo.com dont add him,he will try to hack your 4life-scape account.

    Also i managed to build a program to hack other poeples computers,if he contineu's to hack the forums with any form i will activate my program and i will shut his pc down.

    Kind Regards,Troy.

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